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Tips & Tricks

How to hang a door

  1. Removing the old door
    Remove the screws from the bottom hinge, make sure the door is well supported and remove the screws from the top hinge.
  2. Cutting the new door to size
    Put the new door in the door frame to measure any adjustments.
    TIP:  You can use the old door to make adjustments if it was a good fit in the frame.  Simply place it on top of the new door and mark where to plane or cut.
    To keep the door looking in proportion, make sure an equal amount is taken off the top & bottom.  Any adjustment that needs more than 6mm taken off the door should be done using a panel saw, anything less than 6mm can be taken off using a planer.
    The ideal door should allow 3mm gap at either side and at the top, with a 5-10mm gap at the bottom dependant upon your flooring.
  3. Fixing the hinges on the door frame
    Check the new hinges fit against the existing recess for the old hinges on the frame.  If they don’t, mark the top of the new hinge whilst resting the hinge on the bottom lip of the existing recess.  Use a chisel and mallet to cut out the excess wood and check the new hinge sits flush to the frame.
    Use a single screw to attach the hinge to the frame and open the hinge.  Make sure the hinge "pivots” protrude from the frame edge.
    Use wedges to prop the door in the frame ensuring the correct gap is left at the bottom of the door, mark where the top and bottom of the hinges sit on the door.
  4. Fixing the hinges on the door
    Remove the hinges from the frame and place them on the edge of the door lined up with the marks.  Mark around the hinge flange and use a chisel and mallet to cut out the waste wood from the door, check that the hinge sits flush against the door. Fix the hinges to the door using one screw per hinge.
  5. Hanging your new door
    Place the door at 90° to the frame supported on wedges and fix the hinge flange to the frame only using one screw adjacent to the one used on the door.
    If the door open and closes easily, you can fix the rest of the screws to the door and frame.